Monday, 14 May 2012

Number 6 Is A Seductive One

I have to honestly say that this scent took me by surprise.  Roberto Cavalli by Roberto Cavalli is indisputably a sexy and sophisticated fragrance.  I wasn't impressed with the bottle itself.  The entire bottle appears as it was dipped in yellow gold (which I'm not a fan of) with an animal print design (still not a fan of) around the neck of the round shape bottle.  The symbol at the top of the cap, which is Roberto Cavalli intials, is quite eye catching with dark brown writing to match.  Without focussing on the appearance, this scent simply melted into my skin making it seem that I naturally smelt like that.  The scent was so memorizing that I purposely sprayed more to find out how if it will be too overwhelming.  The potency was still there, lasted all day yet the scent still wasn't too strong.  The extra sprays seemed to infuse with the first original ones sinking deeper into my skin.  I could not keep my nose away from my skin, just so the smell can work its way throughout all my senses.  It's so subtle yet captivating.  Pink peppercorns, orange flower and roasted tonka beans are the Charlie's Angels of the scent, clearing the way for all suitors yet only allowing the ones you want to dwell with you in this natural habitat.  This is one that I must add to my dresser.

"The women who loves always smells good."
-Remy de Gourmont

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