Monday, 13 August 2012

FLOWERBOMB - 1st surprise

The sweet, satisfying smell of Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

No wonder why this fragrance is mentioned in certain songs, and probably priced so high.  This edible scent has all levels of notes mingling, dancing and effortlessly sleeping on your skin throughout the day.  The scent delays departure within the individuals aura and tends to provide an alluring whiff with every movement you make.  The bottle is cut out round, pink bottle topped off with a smooth, pink metallic cap.  Unfortunately, the black ribbon does not come wrapped around the bottle as it is displayed here but you do get it in the box when you spend your day's paycheck on one 50ml bottle.  Despite its name, (and the fact that it's pink) it's not overly empowering scent of flowers.  The middle notes of Jasmin, Freesia and Orchid compliments the base notes of Patchouli and Centiflora Rose.  The top notes, which seems to have everyone tripping over their feet, are Bergamot and Tea, yes i did say Tea.  For all tea lovers, including myself, you will definitely appreciate Bergamot in this fragrance.  Bergamot alone smells wonderfully in a hot cup of water so you can only imagine the intoxicating scent that will have everyone wishing they were in your personal space.
This is a must add scent to my family of scents.

"I hope I will have achieved something lasting."
-Graham Chapman

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