Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Alright... it's finally here, #10

Oh boy.  After many technical difficulties and a couple of family emergencies in a different country, I'm finally putting an end to this challenge by giving you a review on Rebelle by Rihanna.  Her bottle resembles an elongated triangle with a tall red cap accompanied with what looks like a goldish hair tie around the neck.  The bottle has two big red strokes on either side of it showing the yellow liquid inside... won't put my two scents in there, too easy. Its said that the bottle is designed like a heel from a stiletto, only it's upside down.  Like everything else, Rihanna has people creating everything she's famous for.  Caroline Sabas and Marypierre Julien are the ones behind Rebelle.  Despite my rule of, spray now, read later, I read the ingredients first, and did it ever sound nice.  Starts with strawberries, purple plums and a jolt of ginger as the top notes.  Cacao absolute, vanilla orchid and heliotrope are the heart notes and pathouli, rare coffee beans and creamy musk of amber work together for base notes.  When I first pulled the cap off the tiniest sample bottle of all ten samples, the smell was very overwhelming.  Smelt so strong, couldn't define the scents yet, I was convinced I only needed a small amount.  I placed the fragrance on only two of my usual spots, where the scents were slowly emerging within seconds.  In minutes, the scent on a whole seemed to completely disappear, like magic!  Taking the sample again, I drenched my points of interests with Rebelle.  Yet the same thing happened.  Very strong scent, so strong you can't smell anything other than alcohol, then some of the ingredients but left with smelling your natural body scent or the soap you used to shower.  There's absolutely no scent left on your skin.  I wouldn't waste my time purchasing Rebelle or even spraying it anything.
It's a magic potion of nothing.

"Every act of rebellion expresses a nostalgia for innocence and an appeal to the essence of being."
-Albert Camus 

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