Monday, 20 August 2012


Delicate Parisienne by Yves Saint Laurent
Parisienne caught my eye with its beautiful shade of pale purple enclosed in an oval yet dimensional bottle with a gold cap.  Yves Saint Laurent's initials match the fragrance's cap on a jet black rectangle, forcing all eyes to gaze upon its beauty.  As soon as I took a whiff of Parisienne, I was sold.  Told the lady to wrap it up and I gave it a new home.  Still oblivious to the ingredients, I generously sprayed myself in this new found aroma.  The purple liquid delighted all my senses with its soft, graceful and wanted touch.  I happily started my day with an extra step in my feminine confidence knowing I smelt as good as a mini botanical garden set beside a waterfall surrounded by berry bushes.  Sitting in a restaurant for a late lunch, I began checking for Parisienne all over my arm and was disappointed when I couldn't locate my garden, until the server came over.  She told me that she kept smelling my perfume everytime she came by, loved the scent and stated that she was going to purchase one for herself.  Her comment created a domino effect.  For the rest of the day, I received similar remarks from other people.  It appears that Cranberry and Blackberry harmonizes seamlessly together as top notes, while Damask Rose, Violet, Peony and Leather flourish in the garden as Pathouli, Vetyver, Musk and Sandalwood holds it all together at the base of the waterfall.  Parisienne is in a class by itself. 
You might not be able to smell it but others definitely can.

"The sharp thorn often produces delicate roses."

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